Mare Internum

I’ve been spending some of my free time recently on a fan art submission for Mare Internum, a very good, insanely high-quality webcomic. The illustrator/author is running (well, it’s almost over) a Kickstarter for the entire story to be printed. If you submit fan art, you get an extra entry into a side contest for a nice enamel pin of one of the webcomic characters. (More below.)


It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done any fan art. I also figured it was a good opportunity to up my GIF-making game and try out some new stuff. 🙂 Basic layout was sketched on paper, drawn in Illustrator, then animated in Photoshop. Patterns were inspired by Carl Sutton’s amazing work. I was going for a organic circuitry-board theme.

I just tweeted it at the author! I hope she likes it. I may do a follow-up post about some of the stuff I hid (some obvious, some not-so-obvious).

Update: I created a post about my thoughts and process behind this. Click here!


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