I’m going to Design Ranch!

So in a sudden turn of events, I got contacted a week before Design Ranch from the waiting list! I’m going! Alone! Nervous but excited! See you there???


Easter Eggin’ It

This weekend I got to do egg dying for the first time! …You know, I’m realizing now that I didn’t do a lot of the traditional artsy holiday traditions growing up! I’m getting to experience some of them for the first time with my partner’s family.

I admittedly went a little overboard for my second egg (left).

We then used them to go egg hunting after we were done! Winner got a chocolate bunny. 🙂 And then they went into the egg salad the next day, hah.

Isn’t my partner funny? 😛

I hope you had a great easter break!


MondoCon IV: 2017




Another year, another MondoCon! Fourth year volunteering. Met some great people this year, and since my walls are full, managed to only buy two posters. Definitely got some other swag though, including this great shirt and print by John Vogl of The Bungaloo. Check out the detail on the eyes; just a touch of white. I think I own every iteration of that viking pin on the left, too (old print on a shirt, new print on a shirt, pin… it’s so good, can’t get enough). Speaking of pins, I bought a lot this year… They’re back in vogue, and out in full force.

Had a great time visiting with some of my other favorite artists and designers: Erica Williams, Kevin Tong, Aaron Draplin, the couple behind Landland, etc.

Small story behind one of the posters I bought… Kevin Tong recently came out with an amazing Pixies print. I told myself I wouldn’t buy it unless an Art Print came out (no text), more to prevent me from buying another poster I don’t need than anything else. So guess what he did; fans in his Facebook group rallied, and one guy (who apparently does this fairly often) politely requested an AP. And he did it, and released it at MondoCon!

Detail shot of the beautiful poster below. The glass shards from the car are clear varnish, so they glint in the light.



See y’all out there next year!

Eclipse: The Totality

I got to go visit my sister for the solar eclipse! She lives only two hours away from the path of the totality, so I made a miniature vacation out of it. It’s also the first time I’ve gotten to visit her since she moved away from Texas. My cousin and a good friend of his also came out for a visit.

My sister nabbed the special glasses ahead of time online. It’s a good thing too; they were in high demand and sold out everywhere (and I’m sure you saw the news articles about fakes floating around).

My cousin was wearing an odd shirt that let you draw on it with a silver sharpie, and he asked me to draw an eclipse! He wore it the day of the event, and then afterward I added the date and we all signed it and took a picture with it to commemorate the event. It was a little goofy, but sweet.

Georgia was so lovely (and so green!!!). After the eclipse we drove for a bit to some falls my sister knew about, just in a park in a secluded area.

By the way, the next eclipse will take place April 8, 2024, and the totality will be over Texas! My sister said “We can take our kids!” Neither of us have kids yet. Hah. Hah hah.

MondoCon III: 2016


Photo credit: Alison Narro

Third year of MondoCon, third year volunteering! One of my favorite events, and loving seeing the same people coming back every year (volunteers and attendees!).

Aaron Draplin did this year’s identity for the event; merch, shirts, program, beer can, everything! I even saw a baby onesie. This was his second year back, and I’m a huge fan of him and his work, especially since meeting him at Design Ranch a couple of years ago. I may have offered to be his personal assistant for the event… was I joking? A mystery.

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-4-45-38-pmOne of my only purchases from the event was the MondoCon version of the Wall-e print from Tom Whalen. Pretty thrilled with how this print looks, especially since I didn’t care for Kevin Tong’s take on the movie poster back when Mondo did their Disney show. Nothing personal to Kevin Tong; I own some of his gorgeous work as well!

I also got some shirts (including the Industry Print-designed volunteer shirt), a few enamel pins (quickly becoming my new addiction), and stickers galore. Oh, and some AWESOME bar-b-que for lunch, from Micklethwait Craft Meats.

Here’s a great photo recap from MondoCon.

See you guys out there next year.

Six Pack Stories


I went to a great talk this week. I think my tweet about the event put it pretty succinctly: “Two things I love: beer packaging, and listening to people more talented than me.”

The even consisted of Christian Helms, Mike Van Hall, and Jessica Deahl.

I asked Helms during the Q+A (my original question got asked before I got called on) what the next color of Austin Beerkworks was going to be, but he’s playing it pretty close to the chest. I’m betting purple.