Shirt Illustration – Lamb’s Family Day


sketchFun little illustration project I got to do for an October employee event for Lamb’s Tire & Automotive; employees and their families went out to Six Flags for the day (there’s one more flag on the roller coaster in the background, hah).

Just got sent a shirt today! I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I don’t get to illustrate people very often; I’m going to try and incorporate it more into my personal projects. Originally it was an interracial family, but colors were limited later on in the project. Anyway, the kid got the dad’s nose but the mom’s ears.

You can check out the digital version in a gif on Dribbble.

Austin Monthly Sighting

austin-monthlyI recently created this look for the Agaverama tequila sale at Twin Liquors. Definitely a fun campaign to work on, with the color freedom and subject matter. It was a tiny surreal coming across it in Austin Monthly (I’ll never get used to seeing my work in the wild).

I mocked up a little pin of the agave and put it on Dribbble when I made this ad in July. Then I learned you can’t do gradients on pins. Boooo.


Three Years of Ginny’s Car Show Posters

The end result of three years is looking a bit like a set, with little intention on my part (apart from wanting to do illustrations!). White, red, and blue (‘Murica), facing right, center, and left. If only I had kept the bulk of the text at the bottom… Hah. All three of them have the Austin skyline in them (the middle one reflected in the windshield of the TR6). This year (the Camero) was chosen because we recently had one join the family by way of marriage. 🙂

Five years of doing car show posters for Ginny’s Little Longhorn. Here’s to five more!

You can view the posters larger here.

Olly Moss: Firewatch


Olly Moss is one of those names that you’re familiar with if you’re in poster or design circles. My poster buds have been buzzing about Firewatch, a video game that Olly Moss is art directing. Additionally, he’s creating a lot of the merch and promotional items for the game. Here are three of the four posters (after the first one sold out immediately, they decided to make more):


I’m sure I’ll be picking this game up when it comes out. I really started to enjoy games I can experience in one or two sittings.

You can find out more about the beautiful poster set here, from Campo Santo (the game studio that created Firewatch). Olly also did a small blog post about process here.

Update (2/15/2015): Played through this game this past weekend. Highly recommend it. Had me guessing the entire time.

Design Ranch 2015 – Photo Recap

This will likely remain a mostly picture post. I had a grand ol’ time at Design Ranch.

Hokey highlights included meeting the incredible Aaron Draplin, meeting up with old colleagues and former classmates, late nights under the Texas stars, meeting and befriending the lovely Equinox design team from New York City, delicious (delicious) food, and rekindling my love of traditional and hand-made work.

I heard a rumor that the next Design Ranch may be in 2016. Hopefully I can make it again at some point!




Beehive Hair Salon > Honeycomb Salon Collective

beehive_logo_300I’ve gotten a few nibbles over the years inquiring about purchasing the rights to use my Beehive Hair Salon logo. Apparently it shows pretty high when you google “Bee Logo,” probably thanks to its popularity on Pintrest. Since it wasn’t created with a specific client, I’ve been willing to sell the rights, but the planets have never really aligned until recently.

About half a year ago I was again approached about it, and it was finally sold to a small business just starting up in Wisconsin called Honeycomb Salon Collective. They opened in late October, and here is how their designer ended up using it!


Business cards, social media presence, coupons, it’s pretty exciting to see this thing everywhere. I hope to get some better pictures soon from their designer (especially of the inlay on the receptionist’s desk). I nabbed these from their Yelp page. It’s great that this logo now has a home.