Beginning of a Beautiful Internship

I got an internship at EnviroMedia!

My dream job (within being a graphic designer) has always been to work for a public advocacy group or ad firm who works with a lot of non-profit or charitable companies. And EnviroMedia is exactly that; they work with not-for-profit, government advocacy groups, and NGOs. And they’re here in town, off of 6th!

I’m super stoked to be working there. I start in a few days, wish me luck!



Pssst… I’m Now on Dribbble!


Good friend and designer buddy Eli Perez gave me an invite to Dribbble! Super excited to be on there. Seems like a great service for designers, and a great source of inspiration.

I’ll be posting my debut shot soon! Check me out. Hopefully I’ll be getting some invites so I can get some more colleagues on there.

Visit to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum


I’ve seen the Typeface documentary a couple of times, and have always wanted to visit. But Two Rivers, Wisconsin is kind of far from Austin.

Guess where my parents planned on going this summer (for an unrelated viking festival called Fyr Ball about an hour away)? And guess who hitched a ride? Meeeeeee~


It was wonderful! I nerded out for hours. Would have been there for much longer, but needless to say the rest of the family was less enthusiastic about the place.

The museum is doing much better since the release of the documentary. Other interested designers are making the pilgrmmage out there, they’re hosting workshops and letting people use the presses… not to metion they had change in management which has clearly proved beneficial.

Bought the poster on the left, and REALLY wanted to buy the poster on the right:typeposters_crop