Miyazaki Month at Alamo Drafthouse


I’ve seen many Miyazaki films thanks to some friends when I was younger, but I jumped at the chance to see many of these films in theaters when Alamo Drafthouse announced that February is going to be Miyazaki month! I’ll be seeing (again) Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke. New viewings for me will be My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (a documentary about the studio and Miyazaki).

Alamo keeps adding movies and screen times, so maybe there will be more as the month goes on! These are all wonderful movies, and I highly recommend people go see them.

Also, check out the trailer for February; really good use of music and cutting together great parts of many of Studio Ghibli films. Loved seeing it every time in theaters.

Olly Moss: Firewatch


Olly Moss is one of those names that you’re familiar with if you’re in poster or design circles. My poster buds have been buzzing about Firewatch, a video game that Olly Moss is art directing. Additionally, he’s creating a lot of the merch and promotional items for the game. Here are three of the four posters (after the first one sold out immediately, they decided to make more):


I’m sure I’ll be picking this game up when it comes out. I really started to enjoy games I can experience in one or two sittings.

You can find out more about the beautiful poster set here, from Campo Santo (the game studio that created Firewatch). Olly also did a small blog post about process here.

Update (2/15/2015): Played through this game this past weekend. Highly recommend it. Had me guessing the entire time.

Volunteering @ AIGA: The Consult


I volunteered yesterday at a portfolio advising event hosted at St. Edwards University. I basically was an assistant advisor to Will Chau, someone I’ve looked up to in the Austin design/advertising community.

After a panel discussion, the students were split into small groups with a panelist, and we discussed big ideas and the type of work that should go into a portfolio. Will has a advertising background, so I tried to provide a more generalist point of view (which is basically my career so far).

I admired the students that were at this event. I definitely would have got to an event like this when I was in school. I also learned a few things myself.

MondoCon II: 2015


I’m recovering from this past weekend of volunteering at MondoCon 2015. I was there both Saturday and Sunday as a “lead volunteer,” since I volunteered last year. It basically meant I had a walkie talkie, and was there all day instead of in shifts. And it was bonkers, just like last year. The convention even expanded to have about half the artists across the street in a separate venue.

Highlight designers/illustrators for me were Aaron Draplin, Erica Williams, and Kevin Tong.


I didn’t get for myself this year, but I “poster buddied” for some people who couldn’t make it to the event, including nabbing a Mike Mitchell Furiosa (of Mad Max: Fury Road) print for my roommate. I did get a Mike Mitchell skully pin and a glass for myself, though. Love that little guy.


One of my favorite parts was definitely the charity art wall. I didn’t win anything, but it was great fun gathering them up from the artists as they finished them throughout the weekend (some literally right before the raffle). I believe the raffle money went to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

See you there next year!

KGSR Ad Sighting


It’s always cool to see stuff you did at work out in public! Saw this at the Cedar Park Center this weekend when I went to see Video Games Live. This went through a lot of concepts and revisions, so it was nice to have it finally see the light of day.

I haven’t seen my KGSR “Discover the Difference” ad that’s at the Dell Diamond yet, but hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to snap a photo of that soon. It has a custom typeface out of music shapes and instruments/tools (I started with the Cubano typeface) that I made specifically for the ad, because what we wanted didn’t seem to exist, or was too childish. Lots of fun little vector icon-like illustrations.