SXSW 2014: Interactive


I had the good fortune (and surprise) of my employer sending me and another designer coworker to SXSW Interactive this year! This is my first year that I’ve been able to go to SXSW with a badge in hand; very exciting stuff.

The one thing I majorly regret is not making it early enough to attend the Nic Cage panel (and I heard it was great). Apparently he committed to buying a fan a plane ticket home, because she willingly missed her flight to be at the panel. Anyway! I sat in on many other panels, and met a lot of interesting people from around the world. I swear, after trading the “where are you from” question, and answering “Well… here,” you can practically see people deflate visibly. It’s not a very interesting answer in comparison to overseas!

Next year I hope to attend more of the workshops rather than the talks, but this year I was really just getting my feet wet (and very sore).

I waited an hour or so (in the drizzly rain) to try out the new Occulus Rift virtual reality headset. In addition, I went to the Gaming Expo (Hotline Miami 2 is out!) and the Renegade Makers Faire (both free Interactive events, by the way). I also went to a few free music events. I worked across the street from thumping party that is Fader Fort in 2013, so it was nice to actually check it out in person and see a band or two (Chromeo was fantastic live). After, it felt like I spent two days straight at Butler Park (Foster the People and Childish Gambino both put on great headlining shows).

And the crowning gem (in my opinion) of SX… the traveling gig poster show, Flatstock! I managed to not empty my wallet at the poster show this year, but a few of my favorite artists did not appear to have booths, so that may have had something to do with it.



Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 2.42.56 AMOur group mostly stuck to the free events, and still ended up with some cool stuff (my friend even won a tablet!), not to mention the available free alcohol and food. SXSW is one crazy party.

Here’s a silly .gif that we got at the Thirteen23 Party (click it to see the moving version).

I photographed most of the goods below:



Four posters, three screenprinted: GSD&M Party, Thirteen23 Party, Create Tent, Poster Artists Meetup. Click each to see full size.

Pictures, stickers, coasters, pins, and some nice business cards.

Five shirts from various events, and a nice little touch on one of the Dribbble shirts.

I am pooped. Thankfully we have a whole year to recover.

SXSW 2013: Plans

This is the first year that I’m going to do my best not to be a complete wuss, and check out some of the SXSW events (other than Flatstock!). It’s also the first year that I haven’t been in school, and have a steady job. Hooray for progress!

My group and I should be hitting up the following events. Let me know if you want to meet up!

Thursday 3/7:
Kishi Bashi concert @ The Belmont (unrelated to SXSW)

Friday 3/8, during work lunch break:
Mashable House to meet Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat creator Christopher Torres, and “Scumbag Steve” Blake Boston

Saturday 3/9:
ATX Dribbble Meetup
Thirteen23 SXSW Party (invite only)

Sunday 3/10:
Poster Artist Meetup
Creative Mass/Cut&Paste Design Throwdown @ The Belmont (be sure to RSVP)

Monday 3/11:
GSD&M Presents: The Industry Party (be sure to RSVP)

Tuesday 3/12:
Unofficial Dribbble Meetup at Mutual Mobile SXSW Party

Friday 3/15:
Flatstock 38

Flatstock 37 @ SXSW 2012

I couldn’t find anyone who was free, so I went all by myself this year. No one to tell me to buy/not to buy things! (A blessing and a curse.)


I talked to the man who created this poster for at least half an hour, which was troubling, since I only had about an hour there before they closed. But he just started talking about his process, and I couldn’t tear myself away. I wish I had done more screenprinting when I had the chance in school.

Anyway, I bought way too many posters, but only went over my “budget” a little bit.

I am officially out of wall space. But I will still be going again next year.

Flatstock 29 @ SXSW 2011

This is the first year I’ve been to a SXSW event! After living in Austin practically my entire life! Pretty exciting stuff.

I took my boyfriend with me; he was a good sport about my slow pace, and my constant questioning of the screenprinters at the show.

My favorite poster that I bought has got to be The Black Keys one, by Adam Pobiak. Check it out (pictured below; click for full size).


I also loved (LOVED) Fur Turtle’s work. I wanted to buy his whole booth, but limited myself to one print (pictured below; click for full size).


I’ll definitely be back next year!