That Time We Went Sorta-Viral: Double King – Part 1

Skip ahead to the good part! Part 2, internet famous.

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Candy and an excuse for everyone to dress up, what’s not to like? So my significant other decided what he wanted to be, two weeks before Halloween. Double King. We gotta make it!

Cue us running out to the fabric and craft stores. Some hasty geometry at the fabric counter and two styrofoam balls later, we had our raw materials.

The biggest component of the costume is the cape, which has three colors, two lining the edge. We had to take over the living room table and extend our working area with another folding table right next to it. I can mend things but neither of us are particularly strong sew-ers (sewists? had to look that up). We did some binge-watching (I think I watched some of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?) and late weekends, and busted out this bad boy in a little over a week. I also put a clasp below where his chin would be, so it would stay closed.

The boy took care of the eyes and crown since I admittedly did more of the sewing (sewing is so relaxing… and an excuse to “productively” watch TV). Some old Bristol board I had under the bed in my art box and gold spray paint worked pretty well, and kept things light-weight for attaching to the eyes. That piece then was attached to a black baseball cap from an old uniform.

He wore it out on Halloween (and since Halloween fell on a weekday last year, to a few other events before and after), and he got lots of attention and compliments. He had shown the Double King YouTube video to most people in our immediate circle, so a lot of them knew who it was. But aside from that, it’s a pretty cute character, so that helped too.

I didn’t do our informal photoshoot (where that GIF came from) in a field until December when it had cooled off a bit. As usual, it was still pretty hot during the day at the end of October. And then I didn’t tweet it to the creator until March of this year! Some weird combination of procrastination and nervousness of “approaching” him on Twitter (I don’t tweet a whole lot). I’ll go ahead and put that in another post; this one’s getting a mite long.


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