2016 TLL Car Show: Poster Process

Here’s a look into the process of this year’s annual The Little Longhorn Car Show poster. It was a fun one, and I tried a few new things this year with layout and illustration technique.

First I figured out what the layout would be. I settled on a definite right-to-left, with a dramatic angle (which I toned down to have room for all of the text).


So initially I tried one angle from another preliminary sketch, but discarded it. It didn’t let me do what I wanted with the background and the perspective of the bar building.


I then tried a new angle… and stuck with it this time.


The car base is vector, but then I pulled the individual assets into Photoshop. I painted shading on to the car, and then the clouds with my tablet…


The ground motion lines were also painted in Photoshop, using perspective guides to help with getting the look and angles right.


The file ended up being a few different pieces (car, foreground motion lines, building, skyline, cloud, flat background colors), and then I took them all and squished them together in Photoshop.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! You can check out the final full poster on my portfolio website.


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