Olly Moss: Firewatch


Olly Moss is one of those names that you’re familiar with if you’re in poster or design circles. My poster buds have been buzzing about Firewatch, a video game that Olly Moss is art directing. Additionally, he’s creating a lot of the merch and promotional items for the game. Here are three of the four posters (after the first one sold out immediately, they decided to make more):


I’m sure I’ll be picking this game up when it comes out. I really started to enjoy games I can experience in one or two sittings.

You can find out more about the beautiful poster set here, from Campo Santo (the game studio that created Firewatch). Olly also did a small blog post about process here.

Update (2/15/2015): Played through this game this past weekend. Highly recommend it. Had me guessing the entire time.


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