TLL Car Show Poster: Process

Here’s a tiny look into my process for the the annual car show poster I completely recently for The Little Longhorn. An older TR6 model was specifically requested. It’s a fun little British convertible. And I’ve actually driven one before! … Poorly. Ah, standard, my Everest.

A quick round of sketching helped me get down the layout I had in mind for this year:


I started with green to flat out all the basic shapes, then went it and added color, details, and then finally some gradients to add dimension… and my favorite part, some white glint-y shines. Not to mention the Austin skyline reflected in the windshield glass.


“GLL” in the license plate is a reference to the bar’s former name, Ginny’s Little Longhorn. Most still refer to it that way, and probably will for some time.

The car show is this coming holiday weekend. Proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so come on out!

You can check out the full poster (in addition to past years’ posters) on my website.


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