Beehive Hair Salon > Honeycomb Salon Collective

beehive_logo_300I’ve gotten a few nibbles over the years inquiring about purchasing the rights to use my Beehive Hair Salon logo. Apparently it shows pretty high when you google “Bee Logo,” probably thanks to its popularity on Pintrest. Since it wasn’t created with a specific client, I’ve been willing to sell the rights, but the planets have never really aligned until recently.

About half a year ago I was again approached about it, and it was finally sold to a small business just starting up in Wisconsin called Honeycomb Salon Collective. They opened in late October, and here is how their designer ended up using it!


Business cards, social media presence, coupons, it’s pretty exciting to see this thing everywhere. I hope to get some better pictures soon from their designer (especially of the inlay on the receptionist’s desk). I nabbed these from their Yelp page. It’s great that this logo now has a home.


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