AIGA: Small Talks – Type In Context


Got to go to this with a designer friend; showed up entirely too early and helped with set-up. Chair configuration was serious business in such a small space (above the Royal Blue Grocery on Congress, downtown).

Speakers were Sarah Wymer, Jett Butler, and Chris Lindenmayer. All of them came from different backgrounds (traditional, interactive, mobile), so it was interesting to hear a lot of the similarities and differences that span the mediums.

Some good quotes from the talk:

“Iconography in the realm of mobile design is almost as important as typography.” -Chris Lindenmayer

(When asked about personal technique mixing serifs and sans serifs) “I’m terrified of mixing typefaces.” -Jett Butler

“In the shift toward minimalism, typography becomes the most important thing.” -Chris Lindenmayer

“In this age of scrolling, ‘above the fold’ doesn’t apply anymore.” -Chris Lindenmayer

I eventually asked if they ever took into consideration their large, aging audience, and while smaller type looks better design-wise, a lot of people can’t read that without reading glasses. How did the rectify that in their work? I feel like people never really take that into consideration (since form a lot of times comes over function in the field). I got general responses; basically that you have to be aware of your audience (clearly).

All in all, a great talk!


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