Art Crank Austin


Me and two designer friends walked down to the Art Crank show on East 5th (it’s just a few blocks away from where I work). It’s a poster show where local artists and designers create posters within the theme of bikes and biking.

My understanding of how it works is this. You submit your portfolio to Art Crank, and they approve or deny you having a poster in the show. You design the poster, then you get it screenprinted yourself, and sell it at the show; Art Crank gets a portion of the proceeds and you do too.

Me, Eli, and Kelsey vowed to do one next year after meeting one of the show’s admin, Pete Basgen. He gave us a few pointers:
-Don’t do anything with a wheel close up
-Don’t do pictures or halftones of pictures, not big sellers
-Maps sell well
-Do illustration if you can

ArtcrankPoster_750 BenHarman_Poster

I also ran into some of my former professors and classmates. Great event.


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