Workin’ with Axe Cop Doc!

axecopI read a lot of webcomics. A portion of my bookshelf is devoted to their physical form. The freedom that is afforded creators of this medium is a great opportunity, and the unabashed creativity that is out there keeps me adding more and more to the weekly reading list.

I then cannot overstate how excited I was when I found out we would be working with people involved with Axe Cop. As many people know, it started as a webcomic, and will soon be a show (and the titular character voiced by Ron Burgundy!). The people behind an upcoming documentary about the the rise in popularity needed a quick website as a base of operations, and for their Kickstarter, and I was happy to work with them. This was also my first time working extensively with WordPress; I got pretty familiar with it through this project!

I really hope their campaign is successful!


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