Austin’s Food Truck Love Affair

Probably the most fun I’ve had at the new job so far; I got to create this infographic from concept to completion! The bossman was looking for topics to get some attention on social media for Space Chimp, and this was an idea I’ve had percolating for some time in the back of my head for a passion project.

This is by no means a comprehensive food truck list; a lot were left off (at random, mind you!), and if you’re coming from the future, it was created in 2012. I’m sure we’ve seen some trucks come and go since. But I will say… sorry in particular for leaving off Chi’lantro.

Featured on the 365 Things To Do In Austin, a Texas blog and Facebook page. Almost 400 shares on Facebook, and over 9,600 pins on Pintrest!

You can see it in full size on


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