Webcomic Rampage: 2011

webcomicsrampageThis year is the first year of Webcomic Rampage: a miniature convention hosted at Dragon’s Lair. I am an avid consumer of webcomics, and was very exited to check this out.

I bought entirely too many books from one of my favorite webcomic artists, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots (rarely nsfw) fame. It’s one of your slice-of-life comics, but the characters (and there are quite a few) are wonderfully relatable and imperfect, and Danielle does a great job of addressing real-life problems that real people have. Real real real. The comic is also well-known for being… positive on many fronts.

So when I met her I completely geeked out. I also made a fool of myself at the panel itself (I may have unintentionally insulted every other artist on the panel), but that’s another story for another time. I’ll definitely be back next year.


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