GSD&M 40th Anniversary Party

GSD&M is celebrating their 40th anniversary, and I have the good fortune of having a good friend interning at GSD&M right now. She brought me along!


One of the things she’s been working on is a poster that went into a series shown at the party. Click the image above to see her entire poster, and you can check out the entire series here on a microsite that GSD&M put online.

Along with a photo booth, a dozen open bars and a few food trailers, a ball pit (!!!) and more designers and ad people than you can shake a stick at, there was live music (of course). The headliner of the night was none other than Lyle Lovette. Lovette and GSD&M go wayyy back (probably because of the Don’t Mess With Texas campaign and posters… which is now an EnviroMedia client [TxDOT]).


I grabbed some of the branded cups for my Creative Director because he wasn’t able to make it out to the party (but his wife got to go! Life’s not fair).

GSD&M threw one hell of a party.


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