Happy Holidays!

This year I got to design the label that went on the company Christmas gift (although I couldn’t say “Christmas” on the label, of course). I went ahead and did some custom script, because I feel like any designer in their right mind does custom type whenever they can!

You can check out the sketch I posted on Dribbble. The digital version stayed pretty much the same (other than some alignment/sizing issues and other small tweaks).

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!


Día De Los Muertos

Here are some things that I made for a Día De Los Muertos themed art auction that I’m participating in tomorrow. I posted some process shots on Dribbble; research and sketch phase.


You can see larger images on my portfolio site; I took some scans before framing them.

10751841_10154775459200434_2122233199_nHere’s a snapshot of what one of them looked like before color (click to view it larger). I kept it simple; line art with three colors of ink.

Never really done any work concerning this holiday before. There’s some beautiful stuff out there related to DDLM. And I saw Book of Life (nicely done, Reel FX) last night! It’s been a very thematic week.

Also, Happy Halloween!

CreateAthon 2014

I participated in CreateAthon for the first time this year. It’s a 24-hour design event for non-profit companies to get some professional design done for free!

I got there after work and quickly joined the smallest group, which was Colin’s Hope. Colin’s Hope is a non-profit organization that raises safety awarness for children around water (pools, beaches, bathrooms). It’s origins stem from a very sad story.

Illustrator was being a jerk (I think it was because I was on a trial version on an unfamiliar computer [resetting preferences wasn’t working!]), so making the icons was more of a fight than usual, but I got ‘em done!



I created those icons for the website and print collateral (surprisingly no one else in the group was big into illustration or Illustrator). We narrowed some of their copy down and made it more clear, and these icons were to correspond with mostly that copy. I also got to help with typesetting on the print, and some of the web design itself (although most of that was handled by the dedicated UI/UX designer in the group).


The host company Build-A-Sign seems like a cool place to work. It’s large open office in north Austin, and all of the employees that stayed the night were super friendly.

Some of my team members ended up taking naps, but I decided not to sleep at all (I remembered from college that it only makes me feel worse the next day). Went to work the next day, got a lot of work knocked out, and then went home and crashed until 2 PM the next afternoon (thankfully a Saturday).

I’ll be participating next year! Maybe next year I’ll remember to take the next day off of work, hah.

Exploring new styles…

I posted this quick exercise on Dribbble the other day. I’ve admired Brian Steely’s geometric and line-heavy style for some time, and wanted to try it out.

While cicadas are gross and annoying, they’re also fascinating bugs. I had a friend growing up who collected the exoskeleton shells that they shed, and different variations of them all have these unique patterns on their back. Been meaning to draw one for a little while now. Click for full size.


An acquaintance from college saw it, and wanted a print of it to add to her collection of bug prints. I cleaned it up a bit first, and this is the updated file. Click it to view a print-ready version (19″x13″).

I hope she’ll send me a picture once it’s up on her wall.