It’s a Wrap

New 101X logo, new vehicle wrap!

This took a lot of back and forth with the PDs upstairs, but we finally came to something everyone liked. …And then it got changed again (the large logo on the back wasn’t my idea; I had something a little less in-your-face in mind, but I understood why they wanted it that way).

The first wrap came in a little… salmon. This is still pretty light, but the PDs were fine with it.

I’ve already seen it out at concerts around Austin! Pretty nifty.



Blues On The Green: Week 2

This past Wednesday was the second Blues on the Green of the 2014 season. I got to create 100% of the print and web design for this 24-year-old Austin event!

I was super stoked to be working with Industry Print, a kick-ass screen printing studio here in town. They brought in one of their mobile-carousel-shirt-four-screen-printers, along with a large heat-pad to dry the ink quickly, and printed my designs (!!!) onto shirts for people to purchase. They should be at the rest of this season’s shows.

Ken Taylor: Mondo Show


I was lucky enough to get ot a press pass to this week’s opening of Ken Taylor’s exclusive Mondo show. Pretty exciting stuff, considering Ken Taylor is my very favorite screen printing artist, other than FurTurtle.

While I am more familiar with Ken’s work in the gig poster space (first encountering him at Flatstock 2013), this show was all movies. Little Shop of Horrors was the show poster (see right), but there was Predator, Nosferatu, Fight Club, Frankenstein, Children of Men (which I bought for a friend) and more, most all “cult classics.”

Ken was there in person, which was really great considering he’s from Melbourne, Australia. I spoke with him, and after a bit asked after a poster of his that I have not been able to find on the internet (and regret not buying at his Flatstock booth in 2013 with my other purchase). He told me to speak with his assistant, and I finally got the hookup after a year of pining; it’s now hanging on my wall. Thanks, Ken!


New 101X Logo

We officially unveiled the new 101X logo (that I created) at SXSW this year, but it’s still becoming “real” for me!

Here are Jason and Deb (from the morning show of the same name) just looking absolutely THRILLED to be holding the giant foam-core version.

(Click for uncropped photo.)

You can check out the logo in my portfolio here. I’ll be writing up a longer post soon about the process behind rebranding this 19-year-old Austin radio station. Really cool project to have worked on.

SXSW 2014: Interactive

I had the good fortune (and surprise) of my employer sending me and another designer coworker to SXSW Interactive this year! This is my first year that I’ve been able to go to SXSW with a badge in hand; very exciting stuff.

The one thing I majorly regret is not making it early enough to attend the Nic Cage panel (and I heard it was great). Apparently he committed to buying a fan a plane ticket home, because she willingly missed her flight to be at the panel. Anyway! I sat in on many other panels, and met a lot of interesting people from around the world. I swear, after trading the “where are you from” question, and answering “Well… here,” you can practically see people deflate visibly. It’s not a very interesting answer in comparison to overseas!

Next year I hope to attend more of the workshops rather than the talks, but this year I was really just getting my feet wet (and very sore).

I waited an hour or so (in the drizzly rain) to try out the new Occulus Rift virtual reality headset. In addition, I went to the Gaming Expo (Hotline Miami 2 is out!) and the Renegade Makers Faire (both free Interactive events, by the way). I also went to a few free music events. I worked across the street from thumping party that is Fader Fort in 2013, so it was nice to actually check it out in person and see a band or two (Chromeo was fantastic live). After, it felt like I spent two days straight at Butler Park (Foster the People and Childish Gambino both put on great headlining shows).

And the crowning gem (in my opinion) of SX… the traveling gig poster show, Flatstock! I managed to not empty my wallet at the poster show this year, but a few of my favorite artists did not appear to have booths, so that may have had something to do with it.