Día De Los Muertos

Here are some things that I made for a Día De Los Muertos themed art auction that I’m participating in tomorrow. I posted some process shots on Dribbble; research and sketch phase. I kept it simple; line art with three colors of ink.


Never really done any work concerning this holiday before. There’s some beautiful stuff out there related to DDLM. And I saw Book of Life (nicely done, Reel FX) last night! It’s been a very thematic week.

Also, Happy Halloween!

Exploring new styles…

I posted this quick exercise on Dribbble the other day. I’ve admired Brian Steely’s geometric and line-heavy style for some time, and wanted to try it out.

While cicadas are gross and annoying, they’re also fascinating bugs. I had a friend growing up who collected the exoskeleton shells that they shed, and different variations of them all have these unique patterns on their back. Been meaning to draw one for a little while now.


An acquaintance from college saw it, and wanted a print of it to add to her collection of bug prints. I cleaned it up a bit first, and this is the updated file. Click it to view a print-ready version (19″x13″).

I hope she’ll send me a picture once it’s up on her wall.

MondoCon 2014

This year was the first annual MondoCon! Mondo, if you’re unfamiliar, is the poster group that is owned by Alamo Drafthouse. They have artists create limited-run posters for a variety of newly released films, as well as cult classics. Their gallery is located on Guadelupe St, close to downtown Austin.

I volunteered for the event, since I figured it would be fun to be around a bunch of like-minded poster and vinyl toy nerds for a weekend. This ended up being absolutely true. The other volunteers were great, some from out of town, and a lot of them designers or illustrators. The people from Mondo who were heading the event were super nice and accommodating. The volunteer perks were awesome (I got a volunteer t-shirt with the convention logo on it, a poster of my choice from the Mondo archives, a pin, free admission to the days I volunteered, and a couple of more… unofficial perks). And the con attendees and artists were all kind and polite (only had one guy give me sass the whole weekend). I also ran into a coworker, another designer from AIGA, and a friend who I hadn’t seen since high school.


Stress ball with “refresh” key, wristbands, and a few of the pins that were available.

As far as I could see from my point of view, it seemed things went pretty smoothly for the first year. I think the venue ended up being kinda small for some of the lines that formed for certain artists, and people were clamoring for more branded merch (I think we just had a pin and a pint glass with the logo printed on it for sale), but other than that I really feel there were very few hiccups. The lines were crazy, but people love their lines. The couple in the front of the line Sunday morning at 10:00 AM had been there since 7:30 PM the night before!

I tried to limit myself to two or three posters since this hobby can get extremely expensive, extremely fast. But I think one of the most beautiful and unexpected pieces of the convention was the Martin Ansin foil edition print they gave viewers who managed to RSVP online for the screening of the Ghost in the Shell movie. “Tickets” (which were free) for panels and screenings went extremely fast (like, five-minutes-fast), and considering I was at work when they came online, I had no chance of RSVPing to any of them (although I really wanted to go to the “The Art of Toy-making” panel).

But against all odds, I managed to get one of these beauties. Click to see the full size.


Here’s a great video @SignedInPodcast posted, showing off the foil details on this piece:

If I can, I definitely will be volunteering again next year. And if you’re interested, I recommend you do, too! It was a great convention, as a “normal,” and as a volunteer.

Is it too early to be carving pumpkins?

A friend of mine hosted an early pumpkin carving party this week because it’s the best holiday (these things are already being sold at HEB). Since I only started carving pumpkins a few years ago, I try and make up for lost time and carve something more and more complicated or difficult every year. Last year I did the pony from Kate Beaton’s Hark a Vagrant! webcomic (and Adventure Time, depending on who you ask).

This year I decided to do a daruma doll face. It ended up looking a lot like a grumpy old man, but I’m still quite pleased with how it came out.


Here’s a group shot of the whole party’s work (I had so many pumpkin seeds to roast!):


Happy (way, way early) Halloween!

It’s a Wrap

New 101X logo, new vehicle wrap!

This took a lot of back and forth with the PDs upstairs, but we finally came to something everyone liked. …And then it got changed again (the large logo on the back wasn’t my idea; I had something a little less in-your-face in mind, but I understood why they wanted it that way).

The first wrap came in a little… salmon. This is still pretty light, but the PDs were fine with it.

I’ve already seen it out at concerts around Austin! Pretty nifty.